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All You Wanted to Know And More

What is your return policy?

Returns may be accepted up to 30 days after date of purchase. Items must be in NEW condition, and subject to inspection. Buyer will be responsible for shipping cost. For returns please contact us via private message on our Facebook page @duck'snets, or by email at

Do you offer gift cards?

Not at this time

Which payment methods do you accept?

Major Credit/Debit cards or PayPal

How do you clean these nets?

Use any mild soap and water with gentle hose spray. Be sure they are COMPLETELY DRY before storing away, or before you store them rolled up on roll bar.

What do the nets do?

They help protect passengers from branches, mud and other debris. They also help lessen the dust entering the cab.

Are they easy to remove to get in and out of the cab?

YES! you can easily get in and out by removing 2-3 bungees in only a few seconds!

Don’t see your question? Get in touch. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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